Anonymous asked: Student-level scenario re: Initiation Etiquette-- Your partner initiates with a premise that isn't unusual, but their energy hints that they're saying "Hey, this is the thing." Playing the reality might be blocking their shot, but a big reaction seems like taking the ball and running toward the other basket when the other person was looking for an assist. At least we're moving now? (Related: Who is the John Stockton of UCB right now?)

Commit. And make your partner look good. Make his/her choice the right one. ┬áDon’t think like “premise that isn’t unusual” because that’s a thinly veiled version of “whoops, he/she is doing it wrong.” Nope, it’s the right move, the only move. Whatever they think is important, it’s important and you know why, and your reason why makes it work and that move looks good and your partner is glad you stepped out.

"Oh man, the lightswitch is right by the door." (said in a tone that implies it’s a weird and interesting thing)

"Oh, no. We’re doomed. Why THERE?"

Re: John Stockton. Thank you for using circa-1990 references. Though I have no idea.

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