Anonymous asked: I was recently in a jam where a male improviser made a move that felt demeaning to me as a female improviser. Do I Facebook him and let him know (in the nicest possible way) or do I let it go and accept it as one of many terrible jam scenes?

You don’t have to tolerate jerks, ever, but I don’t think a message will do anything. Assume he will stay a jerk. Going forward, you adjust by a) pushing back on stage b) choosing to spend most of your time with better people. Jams contain multitudes including jerks: learn to deal with them rather than trying to change them. I’d advise differently if this were someone in your practice group or maybe even in your class. 

Trying to think when I’ve been demeaned. I did a scene once there were two people talking in an apartment. I entered as someone on their fire escape who leaned in their window and said something. One of the two came over and shut the window in my face and turned back to the other and said “don’t know what THAT was about.” Big laugh from the crowd. I felt dumb. Had I ruined a scene? Was it that dumb? Maybe I’d walked on too early and irritated them. Or maybe they were jerks? I stood there, and waited and every time one of them would glance over I’d wave. Eventually one opened the window and I picked up my sentence right where it left off. Big laugh. Edit. I never sent a message. This was on Harold Night so maybe I felt I had validation enough from being on an Official House Team that I didn’t feel I had to fight. I don’t know. I’ve never sent a note to anyone asking them to change their improv mostly because I don’t believe people easily change? 

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